Figaro Chains

Written by Kimberly Clark
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Perhaps the most popular types of chain sold by today's jewelry stores are a category of chains known as figaro chains. These chains are characterized by a classic three plus one chain-link design. Basically, this means that the links in the chains are arranged in a repeating pattern that has three identically sized short links connected together that are followed by one slightly longer link.

In general, the links in figaro chains have been flattened into concave circles or ovals. This design allows the chains to appear to sparkle as the flat sides catch and reflect the light. First made popular in Italy, this style of chain is distinctive and eye-catching.

Figaro Chains: Great for Men

Figaro chains make very good gifts for men and many people actually buy them as thank you gifts for the groomsmen that participate in their wedding. The guys can wear the chains either as necklaces or as bracelets. They can even attach the fancy chains to a pocket watch for an added touch of elegance.

Figaro chains are attractive no matter what material they are made out of. Of course, the most popular ones are fashioned out of 14K gold, but the chains are equally brilliant when crafted out of silver or platinum. They are also available in a several different widths ranging from one to fifteen millimeters, with the wider ones being selected more often by men.

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