Flower Girl Gift

Written by Sarah Provost
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Choosing a flower girl gift for the little darling who will lead the way down the aisle has never been easier. You have lots to think about when you're getting ready for your wedding, so ease your stress wherever you can. A quick online shopping trip will turn up dozens of ideas to choose from.

How old is your young attendant? You can solve two problems at once if she's too young to make it through the reception without diversion by giving an activity kit as her flower girl gift. Choose one that won't make a mess, such as bead stringing or a sticker book. Several bridal sites offer wedding day kits with lip balm, paper dolls, pictures to color, etc. You could also send your flower girl on a wedding scavenger hunt: give her a list of easy things to find, such as a napkin, a mint, an empty film box, etc., and include clues to where she can find her gift.

A music box is a lovely flower girl gift for all ages. It can be incorporated into a jewelry box or just stand on its own. Toiletries such as bubble bath and girl's cologne are always welcome. A preteen might appreciate a beautiful diary in which to record her own romantic dreams.

Personalized Flower Girl Gifts

Jewelry, of course, is a classic offering. An engraved pendant or bracelet with a charm commemorating the occasion is always in good taste. There are also sites that offer personalized poems, plaques and books that incorporate the child's name.

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