Flower Girl Jewelry

Written by Sarah Provost
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Flower girl jewelry is the traditional keepsake given to thank your youngest attendant. There are so many options available online that you'll have a hard time choosing. Which would she like better, a delicate pearl bracelet or a pendant proclaiming "girls rule!"?

Besides taking into account the girl's personality, you should also consider her age when selecting flower girl jewelry. For a very young child, a beautiful pendant necklace might be the best choice, since the pendant can be transferred later to a larger chain. A ring, on the other hand, is likely to be outgrown quickly.

Personalized Flower Girl Jewelry

Having your gift personalized or custom made adds greatly to its significance. There are beautiful beaded bracelets to spell out her name, or perhaps you might prefer a charm that can be engraved with her name on one side, and your names and the wedding date on the other. Lockets can be personalized with her monogram; later, give her a picture of you and your groom to tuck inside.

You can further delight your favorite little girl by thinking of a clever way to present her flower girl jewelry. You could put that pretty pearl bracelet around the neck of a bride teddy bear, for instance. Present it in a monogrammed silver trinket box, a jewelry box, or a music box. But most importantly, be sure you include a sincere, personal note of thanks. Both the jewelry and the note will become treasured keepsakes.

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