Flower Necklace

Written by Sarah Provost
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There's something about a flower necklace that's irresistible. It can be as simple as a single blossom carved from quartz and hung on a delicate gold chain, or it can be as ornate as the three-tiered extravaganza I saw at one site, dripping with multicolored flowers from every strand.

The classic flower necklace, of course, is the full-blown rose. You can find it online in gold or platinum, with or without a diamond dewdrop in the center. Coral, ivory, jade and lapis lazuli are also commonly used. At the other end of the spectrum you'll find wild hippie flowers in day-glo colors. In between are some lovely blue glass beads with daisies painted on them.

Antique Flower Necklaces

Some of the most beautiful and unique pieces are antiques or reproductions. Check out museum sites for ideas. From art nouveau lilies to Chinese lotus blossoms, antique flower necklaces have a sheen of elegance and character that contemporary jewelry can never quite match. I was the lucky recipient of my grandmother's pansy necklace: enameled blossoms in blue, pink, purple and yellow, each centered with a rhinestone. Not a diamond--this necklace was inexpensive costume jewelry, and a little on the garish side. But I've worn it with everything from a navy blue sweater to a lavender evening gown, and have never failed to get admiring comments on it.

Similarly, you can have a unique piece of jewelry made for you. I was frankly surprised by how affordable custom jewelry can be. Maybe you like the blue glass beads with daisies, but would really love it if the beads were white with violets painted on them. Whatever you dream up, you can have it made.

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