Girls' Bracelet

Written by Sarah Provost
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The girls' bracelet selection gives you many ways to give a lovely gift for a birthday, confirmation, bat mitzvah or just to tell that special girl how much she's loved. With so many styles to choose from, you might feel a bit overwhelmed. Shop online for an easy way to scan all the possibilities and compare prices.

Collectible Girls' Bracelet Offerings

When you give collectible girls' bracelet pieces, it's not just a one-time gift, but a keepsake that will be added to over the years. Charm bracelets are the most common kind of collectible, and can be found either as chains from which charms dangle or as bands to hold flat charms. I especially like to give these because they continually increase in meaning. You might give your daughter one on her fifth birthday, for instance, with a charm that looks exactly like her favorite teddy bear, a silver diploma later, and then try to find room on the chain for an engagement ring charm.

Add-a-pearl bracelets are another option for collectibles. You start with one pearl and keep adding, one at a time, on appropriate occasions. Since you are only buying a single pearl at any time, you can get one of excellent quality, and she'll have a valuable piece to wear when she's grown.

Of course, not all gifts have to be laden with significance. Think how delighted she'd be if you gave her a pretty bangle decorated with ladybugs for no reason at all. And if she's not the ladybug type, think about one of the new line of girl's bracelets engraved with slogans like "girls rule!"

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