Girls' Jewelry

Written by Sarah Provost
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These days, girls' jewelry runs the gamut from precious seed-pearl bracelets and delicate chains with little gold heart pendants to bodacious bracelets covered with gerbera daisies and necklaces made from beads the size of jawbreakers. No longer simply the gift of choice for birthdays and other occasions, girls' jewelry, today more than ever, is an expression of personality. Even the youngest girls' jewelry pops with unexpected color and playfulness.

Girls' Jewelry for Every Taste

Suppose you want to buy a pin for your girl to wear on her plain navy sweater. What suits her best? You can get a pair of silver bunnies with pearl cottontails. You can get a daisy with a bumblebee hovering at the center.

I think it's encouraging that today, you can buy a girl a charm bracelet with a cheerleader's megaphone or a soccer ball, ballerina slippers or hiking boots. A ten-year-old I know has two bracelets she wears all the time: a delicate gold ID bracelet and a plastic bracelet that looks unnervingly like real barbed wire.

Girls are much freer now to express all aspects of themselves in what they wear, and I think that's a wonderful thing. Giving your favorite girl a variety of jewelry tells her you recognize and respect all the different colors of who she is. And what better gift is there than that?

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