Gold And Ammolite Earrings

Written by Kevin Little
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Gold and Ammolite earrings combine two precious materials to make a fantastic piece that can be worn or simply displayed as a collectible. Of course, if you're looking for a great piece to wear or collect, top quality materials are absolutely essential. Not just any stone or setting will do.

The stone used is obviously the most important element. Ammolite stones are exceptionally rare, but scarcity alone does not dictate a quality stone. To be graded at the highest level, an Ammolite must pass a rigorous series of tests devised to determine its overall value.

Gold and Ammolite Earrings: Quality Indicators

Of course, you must surround your stone, once you find it, with appropriately classy materials. Gold in the 14K to 18K range is an excellent choice for your earrings. A piece composed of great materials will provide great enjoyment for a very long time.

Since you'll be gazing at or wearing your gold and Ammolite earrings for quite an extended period, it behooves you to accept only the finest workmanship. Look for a source that will make your piece to order, not just give you one of a number of mass produced pieces. Your Ammolite earrings should receive the unique attention that the stone warrants.

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