Gold And Ammolite Pins

Written by Kevin Little
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Gold and Ammolite pins may be small in size, but there are an incredible number of factors that go into making excellent examples of these pins. The standards for Ammolite are very high, which is only proper. As one of the most unique stones on the planet, Ammolites are deserving of the special consideration they command and require.

Ammolite stones must go through a comprehensive grading process before they are deemed worthy of inclusion in the production of high quality jewelry. Ammolites are graded on the same scale as opals, which makes for a number of different tests. Only once a stone has passed them all with flying colors does it earn the grade of "AA."

Gold and Ammolite Pins: Test after Test

The stones are evaluated for just how well they gleam, just how well they combine color, just how free they are of defects, and just how well they change their look in different lights. That's a lot of exams for a rock! But those that pass all the tests are highly prized by collectors once the examination period ends.

With such stones, you need settings that will allow gold and Ammolite pins to be all they can be. Ammolite gems are set off particularly well by high quality gold. Once the picture is complete, these pieces are worth a whole lot more than a thousand words.

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