Gold Bracelets

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Brilliance of Gold Bracelets

Gold bracelets add that touch of sunshine on the arm to set off a warm tan or a black dress. Bold or fragile, a bracelet brings its own statement to an outfit and brings out the desired look. Small, yet dramatic, this piece of fine jewelry never goes unnoticed, for even a slim touch of gold catches the eye because of the rich gloss.

Accurate measurements are essential. A 7 1/2-inch bracelet is average, but women with small wrists may need a bracelet under 6 inches, and large women may need at least an 8-inch bracelet. Another crucial measurement is the width--narrow or wide--for that helps determine the impact the bracelet will have. A wide bracelet also adds to the gold grams in the piece, so for someone interested in having the most gold, look at the wider, more intricate pieces.

Bangle or Byzantine

Gold bracelets for the arm and wrist come in an amazing assortment of styles. The rigid bangle is considered a classic look and can be plain or ornamented, diamond cut or set with stones. The two-tone look of yellow and white gold is stylish; a 7-inch bangle in 14k gold will have over 8 grams of gold.

Gold Byzantine bracelets present a contrasting look that grabs attention for its elaborate appearance. Intricately woven gold wire creates a detailed texture that would be dramatic with that "plain, black dress." The heavier gold bracelets may have 16 grams of gold in them!

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