Gold Byzantine Jewelry

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Solid Gold Byzantine Jewelry

Gold Byzantine jewelry is stunning in its impact on lovers of fine jewelry. With its luxurious weavings of thick gold wire, Byzantine jewelry casts a spell on wearer and viewer alike. Sensuous and lavish, these bold designs bring class and an aura of wealth to the woman who wears a gold Byzantine necklace or gold Byzantine bracelets.

These ornate patterns are renowned for their detailed and solid appearance that lends elegance to any outfit. Usually connected with an elegant lobster claw clasp for safety and yet another touch of elegance, gold Byzantine jewelry is one of the more sought-after designs. Everything about this style is done just right in order to meet the high standards for Byzantine quality.

Added Touches for Brilliance

Even though the braided texture of this jewelry holds its own with any formal or informal apparel, there are designs that add variations for enhanced beauty. Mirrored and graduated Byzantine necklaces, for instance, are made of 14 carat gold wire that has been woven, then hammered and polished to produce these special effects. With the thinner width at the back of the necklace, and the broader width at the front, the necklaces present an attractive arrangement of sized weavings.

Matching necklaces and bracelets can be set with diamonds and blue sapphires for accents to lend an even more sophisticated look to gold Byzantine jewelry. Especially appropriate for evening wear, these dazzling, but elegant, pieces have a strong presence even in formal attire. Gold and precious stones have been a natural combination for centuries, and they are still paired today in fabulous fashions.

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yes, i think so too, this kind of jewelry is timeless, everything time, people will love it.