Gold Crosses

Written by Serena Berger
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There are so many possibilities in designs for gold crosses. While many people are aware of the cross most closely associated with their own religious faith, not everyone is aware that there are several types of crosses. There is the traditional Christian cross, the crucifix, a number of Celtic crosses, and the Egyptian Ankh, to name the most popular. Gold crosses could be made in any of these shapes, depending on the particular religious or cultural tradition of the wearer.

Several Different Materials for Gold Crosses

Just as there are many different designs and types of crosses, there are several different kinds of gold which could be used to fashion gold crosses. 10K and 14K yellow gold and white gold are the most popular, each with their own distinct color or luster. Gold crosses could occasionally use 18K gold, which is the highest karat weight typically found in any form of jewelry. Gold with any higher a karat rating would be too soft or fragile to use.

You will also want to find the perfect chain for your gold cross. Depending on the size and delicacy of the cross, you could opt for a link chain, a rope chain, a Byzantine chain, an omega chain, or any number of others. The chain may be a simple method of hanging the cross, or it may be a dramatic addition or complement to it.

Gold crosses are a beautiful way to display your pride in your faith. They are also lovely gifts on occasions that bring family together to celebrate faith. A little time on the Internet can provide you with many stunning images and ideas.

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