Gold Crosses

Written by Kimberly Clark
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The Latin cross is perhaps the most recognizable symbol of Christianity. It is widely used in religious ceremonies and often positioned in prominent places in houses of worship, such as churches. Because it has come to symbolize Jesus Christ's death, numerous crosses can also be seen in cemeteries above grave sites and on tombstones.

Many Christians commonly use crosses to accessorize their own individual wardrobes. A large number of people can regularly been seen sporting a gold cross on a necklace, wearing one as a pendant, or using it as some other form of personal jewelry. Of course, there are many who love the aesthetics of gold crosses and wear them simply as fashion accessories.

For anyone who might be interested in purchasing a cross to wear, be aware that there are a variety of different styles to choose from. Furthermore, each kind can have a specific meaning or reference. With its straight up and down lines, the Latin cross is not only the most popular type, but is also probably the simplest.

Crosses with Details

For those who desire a little more intricacy, there are several other crosses out there that have a lot more detail on them. For instance, gold crosses that include an emblem of Christ on them are referred to as crucifixes. Another popular type of cross is the Cross of Nails, which symbolizes the Holy Nails that were used to nail the hands and feet of Jesus Christ to the cross. For those who more interested in fashion than theology, Celtic crosses are attractive, as are Maltese crosses and those that incorporate scrolling, hearts, or flowers into the design.

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