Gold Earrings

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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A Finishing Touch: Gold Earrings

Gold earrings can be tiny studs or large chandelier earrings, but they always lend a flattering warmth to your face. Gold says taste and class, and shows the wearer to be a woman of sophistication. Indeed, this precious metal has been used for thousands of years to show the status and wealth of the wearer, and these ideas persist even today.

Plain gold hoops are classics. A bit more informal, a bit more casual than some fancy earrings, these are the perfect companions to spring and summer outfits. Not too much for shorts and pants, these circles of gold do not overpower simple clothing. On the contrary, these gold earrings add a flash of youthful femininity to jeans and T-shirt, or to sportswear, or to athletic workout clothes.

Styles for Every Occasion

One of the delights of being a woman of any age is wearing jewelry for different occasions. Gold earrings are perfect any time, any place. Small earrings and hoops have a light touch for down-home get-togethers. Byzantine jewelry with braids and woven intricacies speak of formal, ceremonious events.

If you are looking for gifts for the women in your life--Mom, wife, girlfriend--think of the type of personality she has. If she is athletic and natural, she might like designer hoops. If her taste in clothing runs to exotic prints, earrings with a Greek design could be perfect. A fancier earring could have a gold setting with a cubic zirconia for dazzle!

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