Gold Heart Pendant

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Gold Heart Pendant: A Touch of Love

A gold heart pendant is one of the most recognizable and moving images in jewelry, for it tells a woman that someone cares deeply for her. As a special gift on a special day--birthday, anniversary--a heart pendant is unrivaled as a token of affection. It is a proclamation of love, and the beauty of this symbol in jewelry is that it can be worn for all to see.

When set in the warmth of gold, the luster of the precious metal intensifies the loveliness of the heart necklace pendant. This is an exquisite combination that is very feminine and delicate, and brings a delicate touch of gold to apparel. Carried on a gold chain, the effect is eye-catching and extremely flattering to women of all ages who are fortunate enough to receive such an expression of devotion.

A Range of Styles

Hearts are so pervasive and popular that they come in many designs appropriate for girls and women. A two-tone, gold heart pendant could be combined with other two-tone pieces of jewelry, since this look is fashionable today. Hearts-within-hearts is another popular style that is different and captivating.

When a larger heart, and the smaller heart within it, both are set in yellow gold with round-cut, cubic zirconia, the dazzle is intense. The coupling of gold and Cz stones produces a truly special piece of jewelry with its warm tones and glittering heart outlined in stones. A gold heart pendant can come in plain gold, or gold with one side set with stones, or a heart-within-a-heart with the larger heart set with stones and a red enamel heart inside.

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