Gold Lockets

Written by Kimberly Clark
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A locket is a piece of jewelry that is generally worn on a necklace or a bracelet. Unlike regular charms or pendants, lockets are generally designed with hinges that allow them to open up so important treasures can be kept inside. Photographs of loved ones, locks of hair, or other special mementos are the most common items kept in lockets.

Queen Victoria of England is believed to have popularized the wearing of lockets in the 1890s. She was often seen wearing bracelets with small lockets attached to them, which purportedly contained pictures of her loved ones. In addition to displaying photos, lockets were also used during the Victorian era to house and protect priceless family heirlooms.

The practice of wearing lockets in American did not really catch on until after the World War II. Soldiers who were enlisted in the war picked up the custom while they were overseas and would often purchase a different charm for their loves from every city they were stationed in.

Lockets to Suit All Tastes

Gold lockets in the shape of a heart are the most popular type of locket. However, a lot of people really like the look of oval lockets, engraved with designs and colors. Also, more unique shapes are available as well, such as a baby shoe, which makes a perfect gift for a new mother when completed with Baby's picture. No matter the style--and there are many to choose from--lockets convey romance and innocence in a beautiful and touching way.

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