Gold Omega Necklace

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Smooth Gold Omega Necklace

A gold Omega necklace is aptly named for the last letter of the Greek alphabet, which corresponds to our long "O." In fact, this is the exact shape of this stylized gold necklace with jointed segments for flexibility. A perfect circle, a 14k gold Omega necklace provides a unique, attractive configuration at the neckline that does not interfere with the cut of a blouse or dress.

In contrast to Byzantine necklaces, for example, Omega necklaces present a smooth, sleek appearance that is ideal when jewelry must not overwhelm an outfit. This style of jewelry adds a rich, yet unobtrusive, touch of polished gold where it is needed to finish off a look or bring a circle of brilliant, warm color. Bold without being ornate, this gold necklace gives that pulled together look to any wardrobe, especially one that is based on simple, tailored lines.

The Choice for Certain Occasions

Whenever apparel calls for silky sophistication, this necklace fits the bill. Understated yet expensive-looking, Omega necklaces bespeak quiet confidence in any setting. Perfect for business suits and special occasions at which flashy jewelry might be inappropriate, this style of fine jewelry adapts to many outfits and circumstances.

This might be the one piece of jewelry taken on a trip where light packing is essential. Suitable for any situation, a gold Omega necklace could take a traveler to a fancy European restaurant, a luxury hotel, or a formal gathering at an official's residence. Cosmopolitan in aura, this polished necklace flatters the neckline without becoming the center of attention itself.

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