Gold Wedding Bands

Written by Christa Gatewood
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Gold wedding bands have been the traditional wedding band of choice for generations. There was a time when gold was the most expensive metal, but these days platinum and titanium are far more expensive. Still, gold has its charm and appeal. Both men and women are fond of gold wedding bands.

Gold can be either white or yellow. When you think of gold you usually think of yellow gold, however. Yellow gold has a warm color, and some people prefer it because it looks good on their skin type. Others prefer gold because it is less expensive than the popular platinum.

Variety of Gold Wedding Bands

Within the gold wedding band family, there is a lot of variety of design. Some gold wedding bands have inlaid designs. These rings are more ornate than simple wedding bands. They may also use both white and yellow gold to give a two-toned appearance. These are great choices for people who would like to buy a gold wedding band, but also want the ring to have some drama to the design.

White gold is very popular because it is hard to distinguish it from platinum. A polished white gold wedding band has a simple and clean look. Some prefer the white gold to the platinum not only because of the price, but also because of the sizing options. Platinum is a much harder metal than gold; therefore, it is more difficult and more expensive to have it sized. If you gain or lose weight over the years, it may be difficult to make your ring continue to fit perfectly. Gold is far more malleable, and consequently it is very easy to size.

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