Gold Wedding Bands

Written by Kimberly Clark
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While traditional gold wedding bands are somewhat simple and classic, there a variety of options out there for couples planning to wed. No longer is engraving on the inside the only option, the outside of the band can be decorative as well, with etching and unique finishes. There is no need to have the standard, plain gold band anymore. Personalization is a great way to express your unique love.

Also, gold can be combined with a number of other metals for a truly striking look. Tri-color bands of red, white, yellow, or green gold are attractive and modern. Rose gold is also gaining in popularity as a popular option, especially when combined with white gold. The options are pretty much endless, especially when jewelers, both online and off, are willing to customize rings for you and your partner.

Most people dream of the day they will get married and be presented with a gold wedding band. Everyone knows that the giving and receiving of rings signifies a couple's pledge of eternal love and commitment to one another. However, most people don't have a clue when and why the custom of exchanging wedding bands began.

The practice of exchanging wedding rings is believed to have begun in ancient Egypt. The Egyptians believed that the fourth finger had a vein that was directly connected to the heart, therefore when a couple was married, a ring crafted out of plants was placed on this finger to commemorate the special union. The ancient Romans held similar beliefs, but they used rings as a way to lay claim to the women they planned to marry. But why was a circular, ring shape chosen? It is believed it was selected because a circle is never ending, without any breaks. Circles have no beginnings and no ends, the same way all perfect loves should be.

Finding the Best Materials for Wedding Bands

As mentioned earlier, the ancient Egyptians typically made their wedding rings out of plant parts like grass, twine or hay. As time progressed, people started making them out of more durable materials such as iron and gold. Of course over the years gold wedding bands won out and even to this day have remained the most popular choice for brides and grooms from all over the world.

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