Grandmother Jewelry

Written by Sarah Provost
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Grandmother jewelry is a particularly touching gift, and comes in all kinds of styles and designs. A quick tour of online jewelry sources produces a pin designed like a flower basket, with a birthstone flower for each grandchild. There are stylized heart pendants with birthstone sliders, and a very contemporary-looking gold chain with birthstone "wheels." You can find a style to suit any kind of grandma.

Grandmother jewelry isn't confined to birthstones. How about giving Grandma a slim gold or silver bangle bracelet for each grandchild, engraved with that child's name and date of birth? Charm bracelets, lockets and name bracelets are also traditional styles of grandmother jewelry.

Contemporary Grandmother Jewelry

Think outside the heart-shaped locket when buying gifts for the resolutely non-traditional grandma. How about a chain with an engraved gold dog tag for each grandchild? Or a variation on the locket: a sterling envelope that can hold up to three engraved "pages." And although the concept of the charm bracelet is traditional, it's all in the execution, and there are some delightful contemporary charms to be had.

For the earth-tone grandmother, there's a leather thong with wooden hearts depending, each carved with a grandchild's monogram. For a delicate silver-haired patrician, how about crystal beads or pearls made into a name bracelet? Or consider a sleek serpentine chain with sliders for the sophisticated grandmother. The fact is, it doesn't matter what kind of grandmother she may be. She'll always appreciate a gift of jewelry that commemorates her grandchildren.

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