Hand Made Bracelets

Written by Sarah Provost
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When you buy hand made bracelets, you are purchasing wearable art. Whether it's a plain cuff of beaten silver or a complex design of tiny beads, you can sense in hand made bracelets the soul of the creator. With the rise of the Internet and online shopping, such labor-intensive treasures have become surprisingly affordable.

It used to be the case that an artisan living in deepest Nebraska or the wilds of Maine would have to spend as much time marketing his or her wares as creating them. Artisans would travel much of the summer to craft fairs, a wearing routine of setting up and breaking down and moving on. During the off season they would travel to nearby cities to try to find a place for their work in stores or galleries.

Today, an artisan can have a shop that's open to the world. All that is needed is a website and a digital camera. Because they can spend most of their time making their beautiful hand made bracelets and other pieces, they can charge prices that are much lower than you would expect. These artists are often able to make custom pieces for you, too, whether as a gift for a special someone or a treat for yourself.

Hand Made Bracelets Online

The selection of handcrafted jewelry available online is very wide indeed. Just in the case of bracelets, you can find beads, charms, cuffs and bangles in wood, enamel, gemstones, and precious metals. You can choose a basic design and customize it, becoming a co-creator or a unique piece of jewelry, often for less than you would spend in a store.

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