Heart Pendant

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Charming Heart Pendant

A heart pendant is one of the all-time favorites with jewelry lovers. The heart symbolizes so many wonderful qualities that we hold most dear--love, affection, caring. Especially when given as a gift, this cherished symbol carries great sentimental meaning for the giver and the receiver who wears it. A heart-shaped locket and a gold heart pendant are among the most popular gifts that express loving feelings.

A heart conveys the deepest emotions carried in our hearts from one person to another. A heart necklace is a reminder of that love, and it lasts a lifetime. Flowers are beautiful, but they fade and perish; a gold necklace remains as dazzling as the day it was given. Every time the recipient puts on the necklace and sees the heart, she will think of the person who conveyed a special fondness for her.

Symbol of Sweethearts

For thousands of years, Cupid and hearts have represented love between sweethearts in ads, on cards, and on special days, especially Valentine's Day. Candy in heart-shaped, fancy boxes is a favorite gift on this day for remembering loved ones, not just sweethearts. As a symbol, the heart is one of the most powerful figures in history, as it is in affordable quality jewelry.

A heart pendant comes in many configurations--yellow or white gold, with touches of color, in two-tone gold, with cubic zirconia stones. Here is where the personality and age of the recipient is determinative of the style and design of the pendant. What a girl of 13 might like in a pendant necklace might not be what a woman of 40 would like at all.

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