High Grade Ammolite Jewelry

Written by Kevin Little
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High grade Ammolite jewelry is the stuff you should be after if you're interested in Ammolite stones, as high quality pieces will be both better looking and more collectible than their lesser counterparts. After all, you're investing a in a sample of the planet's origins here! When dealing with such a rare gem, don't let the details trip you up.

First of all, it is important to know that the only recognized site for Ammolite mining is located in Alberta, Canada. Such a situation automatically puts a restriction on the Ammolite available. This scarcity makes Ammolite one of the world's rarest gemstones.

High Grade Ammolite Jewelry: Proper Precautions

Another big step is to know the terminology when it comes to evaluating Ammolites. The highest grade is called "AA Ammolite." Keep this term in mind--you don't want to be caught with a cheap imitation or a subpar stone.

A good retailer can make the shopping process all the easier. Look for a jeweler that deals in only high grade Ammolite jewelry, so as to be sure of what you're getting. Look for high grade settings as well, featuring 14K or 18K gold, to make your piece really distinctive.

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