High Grade Opalescent Jewelry

Written by Kevin Little
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High grade opalescent jewelry is one of nature's true wonders. Opalescent jewelry has a very unique trait. It actually appears to change before your eyes--as the piece shifts in view, so do the colors!

Opals are obviously the most famous form of this particular kind of jewelry. But the category includes more than just opals. Ammolite jewelry also qualifies as opalescent, thanks to the many incredible intrinsic properties of this stone.

Options in High Grade Opalescent Jewelry

Ammolite stones have a rich and varied history, one that has endowed them with a multitude of interesting features. In addition to exhibiting a range of seven colors, these stones also act as opalescents, the colors morphing before your eyes. The varied colors in an ever-changing landscape make for an unforgettable sight.

High grade opalescent jewelry is easy to distinguish once you're familiar with the grading system. Ammolites are graded in the same way as opals, with the "AA" grade reigning supreme. Make sure you know what sort of gem you're looking at--it can make all the difference!

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