High School Class Rings

Written by Christa Gatewood
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Getting a class ring from high school is a time-honored tradition. Boys and girls have been buying rings to commemorate their high school experiences for generations. These rings can be bought as a gift to yourself or a gift to someone special as a way to celebrate and remember a significant achievement.

Sometimes a high school will initiate the process of offering their students class rings. They may have contracted with a particular company to offer a specific ring design. This can be a way to ease the process of buying a class ring, but you will not get a unique ring that is personalized. Designing your own class ring with an online jeweler will allow you to choose all of the options you desire. After all, you only get one high school class ring.

Designing Your Own High School Class Ring

High school class rings come in a lot of variety. Rings are always customized to carry the specific name of the school, the year of graduation, and sometimes a precious stone. The choice of stone is entirely up to you. Some people choose a stone that is their birthstone. Others choose one that represents their school's color. Whichever one you like, it's your option.

Class rings can also be customized with activities. If you were a player in a particular sport or club in high school you might want your class ring to reflect that. The name of the activity can be engraved on the side of the ring along with a graphic depicting that activity. For example, if you were active in baseball, the word "Baseball" could appear on the side of the ring along with a pair of bats and a baseball graphic. Including activities makes the ring that much more personal.

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