History Of Alberta Ammolite

Written by Kevin Little
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The history of Alberta Ammolite started a very long time ago. Back in the day, there were creatures roaming around the sea known as Ammonites (see the connection?). These creatures resembled a modern-day squid, except for the fact that they had spiral shells.

These shells must have made them awfully popular in their ocean environs, as they are absolutely gorgeous. How do we know that for a fact? Well, we know because some of these shells eventually washed up on land in Alberta, Canada.

More History of Alberta Ammolite

As the history of Alberta Ammolite shifts ahead to the present day, and you find more and more people wanting a piece of this shell action. These shells, preserved over the years, retain fantastic, shimmering colors with which nature saw fit to gift the Ammonite. The shells are turned into brilliant gemstones, and these Ammolite gems are among the world's rarest.

Yet it is still possible to get you hands on one of these pieces of history. Ammolite stones grace all sorts of modern accessories, such as earrings, pendants and cuff links. There's something for everyone--for who wouldn't want to get in touch with a beautiful part of nature's past?

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