Jerusalem Cross Necklaces

Written by Kimberly Clark
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Unlike the simple "t" shaped Latin cross pendant that hangs from the necks of many Christians, Jerusalem cross necklaces have a very unique and intricate design. The Jerusalem cross actually consists of five crosses in total. There is one large cross, which is situated in the center and is surrounded by four smaller crosses.

What Jerusalem Crosses Represent

As with most crosses, the center cross on the Jerusalem cross represents the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and his promise of eternal life to his followers. However there are several variations on the meaning of the other four crosses. The most popular theory is the belief that they symbolize the four Gospels of Christ, namely Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

Another widely held belief is that the four smaller crosses represent the spreading of the gospel by Christians to the four corners of the world. For this reason, the Jerusalem cross is often referred to as the Crusader's cross. Still others believe that the five crosses on the Jerusalem cross represent the five wounds Christ suffered when he was crucified.

Regardless of its origins, Jerusalem cross necklaces are beautiful pieces of jewelry. They come in a variety of styles, so the purchaser can opt for one of the simple yet classic styles, which are typically made out of 14K gold or they can select a more intricate version, such as one made of silver and platinum. Of course, for those who desire a more elaborate piece of jewelry, a Jerusalem cross can be purchased with various gems and precious stones adhered to the center of each of the crosses.

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