Keepsake Jewelry

Written by Kimberly Clark
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A keepsake is most commonly defined as something that is retained over a long period of time, because of its intense emotional value. Furthermore, a keepsake item is usually presented as a gift to another person, so that it can commemorate or remind the recipient of a happy or momentous occasion. Of course, there are no hard rules on what types of things should be given to mark memorable events in our lives, but keepsake jewelry always seems to fit the bill.

Keepsake Jewelry: A Mother Thing

But what, you may ask, are some examples of keepsake jewelry? Mothers are really big on sentimental value, so they are probably the biggest recipients of keepsake jewelry. For that reason, mother's rings and lockets are very popular.

Mother's rings are usually given to mothers with grown children. The majority of these rings are equipped with a number of jewels that is equivalent to the number of children the woman has or has had. Some people opt to outfit the rings with all the same jewels, whereas others decide to use the individual birthstone of each offspring.

For newer mothers, a keepsake "mother and child" locket is a wonderful gift. In addition to the artistic representation of a mother embracing a child, this type of locket can be opened up to reveal a picture of the baby. Plus, this item can also be inscribed with the baby's name, weight, and date of birth.

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