Kirin Stone Pendant

Written by Kevin Little
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A Kirin Stone Pendant is one of the most versatile and storied pieces of jewelry that you could possibly. Such a pendant combines two different Eastern mythologies, while also possessing a fascinating story of it's own. To top it all off, such a pendant is simply remarkable in appearance.

The stone used to make a Kirin Stone Pendant is only actually called the Kirin in the context of Eastern culture. It is so named due to coloration similarities between the stone and the creature of myth called the Kirin. The colors on the Kirin were shown on the scales of the creature, which are said to be the scales of the dragon.

Kirin Stone Pendants: Multiple Histories

The Kirin Stone also figures prominently in another Eastern belief system, namely Feng Shui. In Feng Shui, the stone is referred to as the Seven Color Prosperity Stone. In the practice of Feng Shui, the colors of the stone have powerful energy-enhancing properties.

The stone's actual history, however, predates any of these belief systems. In fact, it predates human history as a whole, as the stones are actually the fossilized shells of a sea creature that existed many millions of years ago. That the stones have been preserved so well for so long certainly gives them a mystical quality.

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