Kirin Stone Rings

Written by Kevin Little
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Kirin Stone rings combine some of the most powerful mythology in Eastern culture. The dragon, one of the central figures in eastern myth, has a place in the tale of the Kirin. The Kirin itself is said to be a creature that, while appearing in the shape of a deer, had the scales and head of the powerful dragon.

These scales were said to be not unlike the Kirin Stone. This seven colors that make up the look of the stone are reminiscent of the scales of mythical Kirin. Thus the stone, though found primarily in Alberta, Canada, is an important relic when it comes to Eastern beliefs.

Versatility of Kirin Stone Rings

Kirin Stone rings are also valued in Feng Shui as well as Western culture. In Feng Shui, the gem is called the "Seven Color Prosperity Stone," due to its calming range of colors. These colors are said to provide balance to those who wear stones that represent them.

In the West, the Kirin is called the Ammolite. While there are no such mystical beliefs with regards to the stone, it is still highly valued due to its ancient origins and rare beauty. Regardless of one's beliefs, these stones are treasured throughout the globe.

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