Los Angeles Custom Jewelers

Written by Serena Berger
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Los Angeles custom jewelers can give you the piece of jewelry you've always dreamed of and never been able to find. While it can be exciting to shop for jewelry and be surprised by the stunning pieces in the collections of famous designers, if you know exactly what you want, then nothing beats having it made for you. Los Angeles custom jewelers have world class skills, and there are several who specialize in different styles and materials, so you should be able to find someone who is uniquely qualified to give you the piece you want.

Settings and Designs by Los Angeles Custom Jewelers

In some cases, you can bring a stone or stones to a custom jeweler and have him or her design the setting. This may be particularly desirable if you have an heirloom piece with a beautiful stone in it that you never wear. Some people have inherited a grandmother or great grandmother's ring, and they want to have it reset and resized for an engagement ring. You will find that whether you want to replicate the setting or design a new one, there are Los Angeles custom jewelers who are up to the task.

Another potential benefit of using a custom jeweler is that you can save money. Although it is not advisable in all situations for a layperson, you can buy diamonds or other precision stones singly and have them set by a custom jeweler. Jewelers often mark up the prices of their pieces, including a markup for the price of the stones, and you can save some of that money buy providing a diamond that you bought before it was marked up.

If you do this, however, you must get your stone privately appraised. This is both for your own peace of mind, and so that you will understand anything that your custom jeweler tells you about using the stone. There are some custom jewelers who have two different stamps for their custom pieces--one stamp they use if they design a setting for a stone you provide, and another stamp which is their true signature stamp, which they will use only if they are responsible for every single aspect of making the piece, including hand-selecting and laser-engraving every stone.

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