Los Angeles Jewelers

Written by Serena Berger
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Los Angeles jewelers may refer to retailers in L.A. who offer collections by several world class designer. This category also includes jewelers who are also designers and have their own boutiques or showrooms in L.A. Some of these designers even make their own jewelry in L.A. and can be contracted to design a one-of-a kind piece for you or someone you love.

If you are an aficionado of world class jewelry who shops on the West Coast, Los Angeles jewelers are going to be the best you can find. Perhaps it is the Hollywood influence, or the affluent communities in nearby Beverly Hills and Bel Air that make LA a mecca for the glamorous and fashion forward. Perhaps it is the fact that the city is a commercial and business center, so people with wealth and taste from all over the world travel there and arrive ready to make purchases of jewelry and luxuries meant to endure for generations.

The Hollywood Connection for Los Angeles Jewelers

Many famous Los Angeles jewelers became well known because of their Hollywood connections. As often as they are asked what designer's gown they're wearing to the Oscars, Hollywood's most popular, beautiful, elegant and adventurous actresses are asked whose jewels they are wearing. A few seconds of camera time with an endorsement from Julia Roberts, Reese Witherspoon, or Nicole Kidman, and a previously unknown jeweler is catapulted to international attention. There are persistent rumors that for this very reason that some celebrities are paid to wear some of the pieces that you may have found more outlandish, but there's no denying that for better or for worse, the Hollywood factor contributes significantly to which jewelers get the acclaim in L.A.

Regardless of celebrity endorsement or the lack thereof, the work of the best Los Angeles jewelers speaks for itself. Furthermore, if you are shopping at a reputable retailer in LA, you will be able to browse venerated names like Chopard, Bvlgari, Christian Bauer, Michael Beaudry, and Omega, whose reputations have long since cemented in the annals of world class jewelry and watch design. From the classics with over two centuries of history and tradition behind them to the audacious up-and-comers who want to push the design envelope with the jewelry equivalent of haute couture, Los Angeles jewelers offer something for everyone.

For the more conservative gentleman, there are Tag Heuer, Omega, Vacheron Constantin, and Girard-Perregaux watches. Omega, for example, is the Swiss company which worked with NASA and sent their watches to the moon. The combination of precision, engineering, gadgetry, and solid, elegant masculinity in these pieces is sure to appeal to any gentleman of refined taste who enjoys wearing a personal timepiece.

More Adventurous Los Angeles Jewelers

For a man who wants to reflect a slightly more adventurous style, or perhaps integrate several watches into his wardrobe, there are designers like Raymond Weil offing options with more color and more eclectic designs. Raymond Weil's watches are named for operas, and you can find something stunning like the Othello, with two dramatic bands (diamonds optional) slicing across the domed sapphire crystal. Corum also takes some design risks that pay off with their chunky, aggressive sports watches like the Admiral Cup Chronograph.

Although men have the opportunity to express themselves with watches, hand engraved wedding bands, and an occasional other piece, it is really women for whom L.A. is a virtual playground of jewelry styles. From the unabashedly romantic to the audaciously feminine, the stately and conservative to the flirtatious and aggressive, Los Angeles jewelers know that women want it all, and they're ready and able to provide it. Only you know whether you're looking for an engagement ring for a women who will shed tears of joy at an intricate, delicate Tacori solitaire in a filigreed platinum setting, or a graduation gift for a daughter who will pounce with delight on a Happy Snowflake watch from Chopard.

There are simply so many options for fine jewelry that it is one of the rare realms in which the Internet is not as helpful a tool as it is elsewhere. Many of the best jewelers do not offer their full catalogue online (Charriol USA or Roberto Coin, for example, show only a handful of pieces), and you cannot come close to appreciating fine pieces without seeing and feeling them in person. If you live in or can travel to Los Angeles, you simply must go out and look in person; you may choose to go to the showroom of a particular designers whose catalogue or advertisements you have seen, or you may go to one of the fine jewelry stores and allow their staff to introduce you to a work of art which may become a classic family heirloom.

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