Marquise Engagement Rings

Written by Kimberly Clark
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When it comes to engagement rings, the marquise cut is commonly referred to as the fancy cut. In this method of cutting, the gemstone is formed into the shape of an oval with pointed tips. For the super-macho male readers out there, just envision a football shaped diamond.

Engagement Rings: What a Girl Wants

Marquise shaped gems are also quite often described as boat-shaped. No matter what adjectives or metaphors are used to describe them, marquise engagement rings are a big hit with most brides-to-be. The cut has become very popular and many jewelry stores report that it is their biggest seller.

One of the reason a lot of women prefer marquise engagement rings is because they believe that the elegant cut lends a degree of royalty to their hands, playing the idea of being someone's princess. Another reason a lot of women prefer the marquise cut is because its shape makes their fingers look longer and slender. Plus, they are very appealing to those who want a fancier engagement ring, because a marquise cut diamond looks stunningly beautiful all by itself, without the need for any complementary side stones.

The Marquise Cut: Looks Can Be Deceiving

The marquise cut is perfect for those people who can't afford a larger carat diamond, because the details of the cut maximize the appearance of the diamond, making it appear a lot larger than it really is. Of course, this factor also presents the danger of the purchaser being charged for more diamond than they are actually getting. For maximum brilliance, the length of the marquise cut stone should be about twice its width.

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