Medical Jewelry

Written by Christa Gatewood
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There is some jewelry that is purely decorative, and then there is the jewelry that can save your life. Medical jewelry saves people's lives everyday. Medical jewelry is jewelry that contains vital information about someone's health. In the case of an emergency, medical personnel would need this information.

Medical jewelry is most often used in people with chronic illnesses and/or known allergies. Their diagnosis can be engraved on the back of a necklace or bracelet bearing a medical emblem. This piece of jewelry can alert doctors, nurses, and paramedics that the person has a serious medical issue that needs to be taken into consideration for treatment.

Why Do I Need Medical Jewelry?

Some people may wonder why they need a medical bracelet when they can just tell the doctor what is wrong with them. The problem with that reasoning is that you may not have a chance to advocate for yourself. You may be unconscious. Instead of the doctor wasting valuable time trying to figure out what is wrong with you, a medical bracelet or necklace can tell her and she can proceed with your treatment. It could be the difference between life and death.

In the past, medical jewelry was unattractive, so those concerned with fashion were reluctant to wear it. That is no longer a problem. There are sterling silver and gold pendants and bracelets that can be worn with any outfit. If you want the jewelry to remain inconspicuous, one option is to wear a pendant with a very long chain. The pendant can tuck into your clothes and no one else will have to know you are wearing it.

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