Men's Ammolite Rings

Written by Kevin Little
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Men's Ammolite rings make for a fantastic conversation piece. Just imagine the tales you can spin about your little friend! The best part is, they're all true.

You can start to with the tale of the Kirin. Eastern mythology speaks of a powerful creature with the shape of deer that just happened to also display the head and scales of the fabled dragon. This beast seemed cut from the same cloth as the Ammolite, as the colors of the two are remarkably similar.

Men's Ammolite Rings: Table Talk

These stones are also featured in Feng Shui, as the colors in the stone correlate nicely with several hues that are important in this Eastern practice. You can explain the particular energy that your ring promotes to your heart's content. As each high grade stone focuses on two or three colors, you can be sure you'll be well covered.

Of course, don't be surprised if your audience has a hard time keeping track of what you're saying. It's not you--it's the ring! Men's Ammolite rings are quite a sight, so don't hold that against your listeners!

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