Mens Jewelry

Written by Serena Berger
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While much time (not to mention money!) is spent on womens jewelry, less is generally spent on mens jewelry. While some men have little interest in wearing jewelry, however, it is certainly erroneous to assume that all men are not inclined to have a few pieces of jewelry that they will wear and treasure. It's just a matter of knowing your man and finding the right piece.

Popular Forms of Mens Jewelry

In addition to wedding bands, which are the jewelry item worn by most men, many men like to wear a simple chain or bracelet. Watches can also be considered jewelry items - some have truly spectacular and classy designs of gold, silver, titanium, or platinum. These can also make lovely gifts as they are an ideal item to engrave.

In addition to simple chains fashioned of precious metals, some mens jewelry features charms; for example, crosses, Celtic designs, or other medallions are favored by many men. Some men also like to wear rings in addition to their wedding bands. Chunky rings can be particularly sexy and fun.

Occasionally, men will also look for jewelry with precious stones. Small diamonds set against an inlaid onyx background set in gold are quite popular. Some men are even beginning to wear diamond studs, or diamond inset into pendants. These will always be a matter of personal taste, but if you are shopping for a man who is interested in accessorizing with mens jewelry, the internet can provide many resources for finding items he might like.

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