Mens Wedding Rings

Written by Serena Berger
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Though some may have done so before, men didn't start wearing mens wedding rings consistently until after WWII. Today, most people consider this a positive change, and most men like wearing a wedding ring to display their love and commitment. Even men who resist wearing other items of jewelry cherish their wedding rings, and take pleasure in shopping for them with their wives.

There are many different styles of bands available for men, but the most popular style remains the plain band in gold, white gold, or one of the popular expensive white metals like platinum or titanium. While these are the most common mens wedding rings, their rings do come in just as many styles and designs as those for women. There are the popular two tone band, channel set diamond bands, engraved bands, and many more.

More about Styles in Mens Wedding Rings

Even in the "plain band," many styles are available, such as domed bands or flat bands. Still quite simple, but just a little bit more style or character are a milgrain band or a comfort fit band. But the sky is the limit if a man wants a mens wedding ring that is carved, sculpted, or inlaid with gemstones.

Mens wedding rings can ultimately be any ring a man wishes to wear and which his wife wants to give him. Engraving inside or outside the band can personalize the ring, and the ring could be selected to match the wife's ring or complement it if that is what the couple desires. You may wish to search the internet for a number of other possibilities.

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