Mommy Name Bracelet

Written by Sarah Provost
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Mommy name bracelets come in three basic varieties: plates, beads and charms. Any of these would make a lovely tribute to a new mother or a Mother's Day gift from a child. And remember, no matter how old you may be, you're still her child!

Beaded Mommy Name Bracelets

Beads seem to be the most popular style for name bracelets these days. Beaded bracelets can be funky and fun in oversize plastics and ceramics, or gracious and elegant in crystal, pearl, gold or silver. Most often, the letters of the child's name are engraved on individual beads, but for the more contemporary designs, you can also choose letter-shaped beads to make up the name.

Engraved plates on chain-link bracelets are another lovely type of mommy name bracelet. Designed like an ID bracelet, but more delicate, this type is more subtle and eminently wearable. In gold or silver, it goes with everything, and adds a note of sophistication.

A charm bracelet is always fun, and makes a great Mommy name bracelet. For one child, you can spell out the name with individual letter charms. For two or more--or for a lucky grandma--you might want to have each child's name engraved on a separate charm. The charms come in all kinds of great shapes, and for older children, you can choose one that expresses that child's personality or interests, such as a tennis ball or an artist's palette. These personalized keepsakes will be treasured forever.

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