Mother And Child Jewelry

Written by Sarah Provost
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Matching mother and child jewelry is a sweet tradition that celebrates this special bond. There are many options to choose from, especially when you consider that website marketing has brought prices down so that custom-made jewelry is very affordable. Now you can choose your own design for your mother and child jewelry and have it made.

Rings, bracelets and pendants are the most common choices for mother and child jewelry. Bracelets are the best choice when the child is a newborn, since rings are so quickly outgrown and pendants can pose safety hazards. How about matching crystal bracelets that spell out their names? Delicate gold ID bracelets are also good choices.

Mother and Child Jewelry for Older Children

As the child grows, more options are available. Matching signet rings are elegant and understated, and are appropriate for both boys and girls. You can have the rings sized to fit the adult and the child, or have them both made in the smaller size, and the mother wears hers on a chain. Another nice thing about using signet rings is that Dad can also be included.

Gold chains with matching pendants are traditional choices for mother and child jewelry. A small heart-shaped gold locket is a good choice, and will complement any outfit. An alternative is a gold or silver chain with an engraved charm, and perhaps their birthstones. Whatever you choose, you can be sure that it will become a treasured keepsake for both mother and child.

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