Name Bracelets

Written by Sarah Provost
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Name bracelets have never been more popular than they are today. Once limited almost exclusively to children and teenagers, today there are sophisticated designs for women (and men) of all ages. While chunky ID bracelets and block letters strung on a cord are still available, there are literally hundreds of new designs to choose from.

Beaded Name Bracelets

Beads are the medium of choice these days for name bracelets, but not just any beads. Delicate etched spheres of gold, silver and crystal are replacing the chunkier wooden and ceramic beads formerly used. The result is a sophisticated collection of name bracelets that can be worn as appropriately with a woman's business suit as with a girl's jumper.

Beaded name bracelets also lend themselves to lots of adaptations. Many sites allow you to customize your bracelet, adding birthstones, perhaps, or dangling charms. And of course, there's no law that says you have to spell out a name. All sorts of loving messages can be incorporated. Imagine, for instance, a woman being given a lovely rose quartz and pearl bracelet, beautiful in itself, but even more significant because it spells out "Marry me."

Of course, kids still love name bracelets too, and they make wonderful gifts for you to give your children or for them to give their friends. Let your mouse do the walking as you shop online, and you'll find any number of great ideas. Now it's easy to give that someone special something special: a personalized bracelet made just for her.

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