New Mother Jewelry

Written by Sarah Provost
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Roses fade in a week, but new mother jewelry is a treasured keepsake that will last forever. Styles are no longer limited to birthstone rings and gold lockets, though there are wonderful designs available in those classic styles. A quick surf through the online stores will present you with lots of options to choose from.

New Mother Jewelry: Bracelets

Name bracelets may be the most popular form of new mother jewelry. You can choose an ID bracelet in delicate proportions or a name spelled out in beads. You could also choose a charm bracelet, and either spell the name in letter charms or have it engraved on a single charm.

Pendant necklaces are also a lovely choice. One new design is a "mother's heart" pendant with a slider of the child's birthstone. Like a charm bracelet, this can be added to for subsequent children. There are classical necklaces that spell out "Mother" with birthstone appended, and there are sleek contemporary designs of a stylized mother and child in an embrace.

Pins and earrings are often overlooked as new mother jewelry, but there are some lovely styles available. A quick scan turned up mother and child cameo earrings of blue agate and some charming pins. One I particularly liked was a golden peapod, with pearls representing the peas and one pearl replaced by the child's birthstone. Flower baskets and trees are also widely available, and again, new stones can be added later. Oh, and Dad? Get her the roses too.

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