Omega Gold Necklace

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Omega Gold Necklace for Classic Elegance

An Omega gold necklace is one of the most adaptable styles of fine jewelry. This fluid circle of burnished gold lies against the skin in a smooth flow of warm color around the neckline. Sensuous in its silkiness, an Omega gold necklace may be the one perfect ornamentation for all occasions because its unadorned, 14k gold conveys sophistication.

Classic in its clean lines, this gold necklace neither competes with an outfit nor overwhelms it. If the apparel is meant to be the center of attention, then this Omega style necklace will add a swath of lustrous gold without becoming the star attraction itself. Understatement is often a sign of confidence and good taste, and an Omega necklace certainly reflects both.

Domed and Reversible

A domed Omega gold necklace has rounded segments that enhance the smoothness of its appearance. Unlike a flat surface, this necklace appears to hug the neckline as it becomes a part of its contours. An added fascinating quality is the reversible Omega, which is yellow gold on one side and white gold on the other for a bonus design.

This arrangement makes the jewelry two necklaces in one, thereby increasing the uses of the Omega according to the warm or cool colors in apparel. Reds, yellows, and cream colors love the yellow gold; black, blues, and lavender look beautiful with white gold. For those cosmopolitan lovers of fine jewelry, the Omega becomes a central piece of jewelry in a collection. By doing double duty, the 14k gold necklace makes the wholesale price even more of a bargain.

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