Omega Gold Necklaces

Written by Serena Berger
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Omega gold necklaces are particularly sophisticated and elegant. They make beautiful gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, or any other occasion. It will take some searching, however, among omega gold necklaces to find exactly what you want.

Widths vary greatly in omegas, commonly from around 4mm to 10mm. They can come in any of the colors of gold: yellow or white, or in platinum. You could also find them in either of the common karat weights of gold 10K or 14K.

Domed and Flat Omega Gold Necklaces

There are several styles of omegas. Domed omegas are rounded in the front and are usually heavier than the others. The graduated omega is domed, but thicker in the middle and narrows towards the clasp.

The flexi omega looks just like a domed, but is lighter, thinner, and more flexible, which makes it more comfortable for everyday wear. The flat omega is not domed or rounded at all, but lies flat. This should give you a sense of the variety in omega gold necklaces; now you'll want to look around on the Internet for specifics to discover what you like the most.

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