One Of A Kind Jewelry

Written by Kevin Little
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One of a kind jewelry can be summed up in one word: Ammolite. Ammolite stones have a history and look that are simply unmatched by other gemstones. From Eastern cultural undertones to prehistoric parentage, these stones really have it all.

Eastern cultural undertones, you say? Why, yes--Ammolite gems figure prominently in both the myth of the Kirin and the practice of Feng Shui. What other stone can claim such a versatile resume?

One of a Kind Jewelry in History

In both of the above cases, the determining factor for Ammolite's inclusion is color. The seven colors found in the Ammolite could pass for the colors found on the dragon scales sported by the otherwise deer-like Kirin of legend. Those same seven colors are said to focus the earth's energy, so important to the beliefs of Feng Shui.

And to think, it can all be traced back to a squid. Well, a creature which resembled a squid, oh so many millions of years ago, that left behind it's multi-colored shell as a keepsake. The people of today are awfully grateful for that gift, as those shells, turned to stone by the passage of time, are now used to make gorgeous one of a kind jewelry.

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