One Of A Kind Jewelry

Written by Sarah Provost
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Thanks to the wonders of online shopping, a piece of one of a kind jewelry is now an affordable luxury. Goldsmiths and other artisans used to have a hard time getting their work out to the public, especially if they didn't live in a large city. Travel to craft shows and to visit galleries was time-consuming and expensive. Catalogs and ads in the back of The New Yorker helped, but even so, they were only able to reach a very small percentage of their potential customers.

Now, with the advent of the internet and the "online mall," an artisan has only to set up a website, and anyone anywhere can see his or her wares. With no physical shop to keep and no need to travel, jewelry makers can keep their prices within a very reasonable range. That means that you can design and wear a piece of one of a kind jewelry even if you aren't a heiress.

One of a Kind Jewelry for Weddings

Having your own one of a kind jewelry made is particularly appropriate for wedding and engagement rings. Though a plain gold band or a solitaire set in platinum has an elegant simplicity, wouldn't you like your rings to be unlike any other? The person you're marrying is one of a kind, and your rings should be too.

Another huge market for one of a kind jewelry has grown with the popularity of beadwork. Instead of searching from store to store for exactly the right necklace or brooch to go with your new tweed suit, you can choose your own assortment of beads. Pick up subtle colors, mix chunky folk-art beads with plain gold ones, add pendants or sliders or whatever you want. You can now make a personal statement with a piece of unique jewelry as easily as "point and click."

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