Onyx Jewelry

Written by Christa Gatewood
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Onyx is chalcedony quartz that is black in color. Onyx was very popular with ancient Greeks and it is named for the Greek word "onux" which is literally translated to "fingernail." Legend had it that Cupid cut Venus' fingernails while she slept and left the clippings on the sand. Willing that no piece of a divine body should ever perish, the Fates turned them into stone. Early on, all colors of chalcedony were called onyx, but later the Romans narrowed the meaning of the term to refer only to dark colored chalcedony.

Buying Onyx Men's Jewelry

These days black onyx is very popular in jewelry making. The clean, smooth stone projects an aura of strength and formality. For that reason, onyx is often used in men's jewelry. Onyx is used in rings, pendants, and bracelets. The look itself is very expensive, but the jewelry is remarkably affordable.

Perhaps the most popular use of onyx is in men's rings. Most men's jewelry is simple and elegant yet solid and robust. Onyx rings are typically a thick band of gold (yellow or white) or platinum consisting of one large center onyx stone set into it. The stone is typically either square, rectangular, or oval in shape.

Onyx rings are also often flanked by diamonds. A few small diamonds accent the onyx and give the ring a more formal look. Black is also a great background color, so inlaid diamonds or gold strips are also popular. Anything will pop against a black background. These rings make great gifts for any man in your life.

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