Opalescent Pendants

Written by Kevin Little
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Opalescent pendants can immediately change the focus and nature of your entire outfit. Not only will the focus of your outfit change, but the focus of the whole room might change as well, once people get a glimpse of your gorgeous pendant! When looking for opalescent pendants, the right stone is key, and there's a stone out there that's just as special as it looks.

Ammolite gems are classified as opalescents, due to the way in which they change colors when the light hits them in different ways. But they are so much more than opalescent. They are also classified as fossils, so you'll be wearing a little sliver of nature's earliest work.

Opalescent Pendants: Choose Wisely

Of course, a fossil is no good if it looks like, well, a fossil. But Ammolite stones have had their rich coloration preserved throughout the centuries. They include up to seven colors, with the best pieces showing two to three of those colors in distinct bands or sections.

Ammolites come in a range of grades, the top marks designated as "AA." These stones are well-formed and display their colors beautifully. Jewelry made from such stones deserves a place as the centerpiece of your jewelry collection.

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