Opalescent Rings

Written by Kevin Little
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Opalescent rings are wonderful pieces to have on your fingers. Pieces employing opalescent stones have a character all their own, and are easily distinguished from other types of gems. Ammolite gems are numbered among opalescents, due to the fascinating range of traits they possess.

Ammolites are graded on the opalescent scale, which takes a number of different factors into account. The first of these criteria involves how well the stone shines on your finger when used in opalescent rings or other jewelry. There is no objective method for quantifying such a glow, but good jewelers know how to distinguish a mere glimmer from an iridescent sparkle.

Opalescent Rings: More Requirements

The next test is the number of colors the stone contains. All Ammolites contain a range of color, but some hues are emphasized more than others. A high grade stone will show off by displaying two to three--or more--of these colors in rich depth and intensity.

Of course, no one and no stone is perfect, so imperfections, such as cracks or small crevices, will be taken into consideration. As will the "opal test," which involves the way the colors shift with the light on and position of the stone. Only once all of these tests are aced can an Ammolite be deemed an "AA," or collectible quality, stone.

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