Opalescent Stones

Written by Kevin Little
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Opalescent stones save you from the problem of growing bored with your jewelry selection! These stones actually appear to be different colors when viewed from different perspectives, making for an endlessly interesting piece. Imagine how much use you could get out of a pair of earrings with such qualities!

One of the most unique opalescent stones is the Ammolite gem. High grade Ammolite jewelry contains two to three distinct colors, colors which change subtly when the piece shifts in your sight. So much for having no jewelry to wear!

Opalescent Stones: Best of the Best

Opalescent gems, like any gems, come in a variety of different types, some great, some not so good. If you're researching Ammolite stones, you'll want to know what the grading system is. AA signifies the highest quality gem, and is the grade you should look for when it comes to Ammolites.

Once you've determined the grade, take a look at how the jewelry is made. Make sure you're dealing with a reputable jeweler, one that makes your pieces only when ordered and offers you a money-back guarantee. With such assurances in place, you can be sure to get a wonderful, collectible piece.

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