Panther Link Bracelets

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Supple Panther Link Bracelets

Panther link bracelets are aptly named for one of the most graceful, lithe animals on earth. Panthers move with an easy flow that is supple and fluid. Panther link bracelets mimic this grace, for they are fashioned to follow the wrist and move with its movements. This is one of the world's premier bracelet designs, acclaimed for its sensuous performance.

Slinky and silken, these gold bracelets have interlocking links that permit absolute freedom of motion, yet create a stunning look. The alternating rows of these links create a pattern that is distinctive in these bracelets, for the open linkage permits the skin to show through. Sophisticated, with the clean lines of a classic design, this famous style is among the pieces offered by wholesale jewelry manufacturers online.

Dazzling Designs

Created in yellow or white gold, the bracelets are often coupled with Stampato manufacturing to give an overall solid look. A high polish brings out the interplay among the links as their elegant movement catches the light. Adding to the glitter is the diamond-cutting on white gold that provides many angled surfaces for the reflection of light.

Usually a bit wider than some gold bracelets, these panther link bracelets may come in at over 3/8 inch. This broader width allows the play of the links to be more visible, since they are created with space between them. These are not adjoining segments, but open links that let the wrist show through for an even more sensuous look. The panther link is renowned for its unique look, flow, and width, all of which creates a glamorous piece of jewelry.

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