Pearl Bracelet

Written by Sarah Provost
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A pearl bracelet is the epitome of refined elegance and classic good taste. Grace Kelly wore one, and so did Jackie O. And with a little online shopping, so can you.

Pearls can be cultured or natural, black, pink or ivory. Because there is so much variation, prices vary widely as well. You can get a single strand of cultured pearls for less than twenty dollars, or six strands of natural black pearls for--well, don't ask.

One way to give a high quality pearl bracelet to yourself or someone special is to collect them one at a time. An add-a-pearl bracelet is an old tradition, often started at a baby girl's birth with the expectation that she will have an exquisite piece of jewelry to wear on her wedding day. And one of the wonderful things about pearls is that they are appropriate for any age. A baby can wear a pearl bracelet, and so can her grandmother, with equal good taste.

Custom Made Pearl Bracelet

Because a pearl bracelet is so simple and understated, it's easy to customize it without making it gaudy. Many online jewelers can make you a bracelet to your specifications. Choose how many strands, what type of pearls, and what style of clasp. Then add gemstones if you wish, or a single gold charm. They can also be personalized with a name or interspersed with crystal or gold beads. Once you have your perfect pearl bracelet, you can wear it anywhere, with anything. Unlike diamonds or other faceted gems, pearls never look ostentatious or out of place.

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